How does your subscribe + save work?

How does your subscribe + save work?

Our Subscribe + Save is the easiest way to keep the positive energy flowing! All subscriptions are processed with a 15% discount and free shipping, always 💛You can even use the code SUPERSELF to save 30% on your first order!

No cost to start, and you'll get the most benefits from our Super Cash (wink)

Now, how does the subscription work? During checkout, you'll have the option to decide whether you want your order to repeat every 2 or 4 weeks. Afterward, you'll have access to manage your subscription and be able to

  • Swap out any flavors or products (not seasonal).
  • Skip any upcoming orders or reschedule for whenever works best for you.
  • Add one-time products to process & ship with your next subscription order.
  • Cancel anytime - no fee or penalties!
  • Reactivate your subscription after canceling

Subscriptions not for you? We understand and want to give you the flexibility to shop however works best for you! You can easily place a one-time order without starting a subscription by selecting "One-time purchase." You won't automatically receive the benefits from above but we'll hook you up with free shipping on any order over $50.

Want to learn more or have any questions? Check out our Subscribe + Save page by clicking here, or fill out the contact form below, we got your back!

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