What is Super Perks all about?

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Super Perks is our 100% free membership to earn rewards each time you shop with us online. It's our way of saying thanks for being a member of the fam πŸ’›

As soon as you sign up or place your first order, you're automatically enrolled and earning points. Your first 100 points are on us just for creating your password ⚑️

Afterward, each order you place online will earn you 1 point per dollar spent!

There are tons of ways to earn points but the quickest way is through our Subscribe and Save program. Placing your 2nd order hooks you up with 200 points. You'll earn another 200 after your 4th order with more surprises.

What are other ways to earn points?

  • Complete a review: you'll receive an email asking for your feedback on the products in your order. Each completed review will earn you 25 points.
  • Birthday surprise: share your birthday with us and we'll hook you up on your special day.
  • Fam anniversary: let us know when was the date you had your first sip of Super and we'll celebrate together!
  • Follow us on IG: Follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date with news, and giveaways, and earn 25 points.
  • And plenty more!

What can I spend points on?

You can apply your points towards redeeming a discount code to use on any of our products. Redeem a code, apply it to your next order either at checkout or while managing your subscription.

What codes can I redeem?

We have the following codes available

  • $10 Code - 400 Points
  • $15 Code - 500 Points
  • $20 Code - 700 Points
  • $30 Code - 900 Points
  • $40 Code - 1300 Points

How do I use my Points?

Click here to learn more.

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