What is Kale?

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What is Kale?

  • Creator Community where we pay YOU to post about us. That’s right, each cash to create content for Super Coffee.
  • With this new program, we want to reward you each time you share a video about Super Coffee on Instagram or TikTok. And best of all, you’re in the driver’s seat. Post when and how you want, and sit back as your bank account grows. The more engagement your video gets, the more you get paid.
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How does Kale work?

  1. Sign up with your phone number & social handle
  2. Claim a challenge for a brand and post a video
  3. Get rewarded in 24-48 hours

How is my cash reward calculated? 

  • Kale uses a rewards algorithm that determines each payout based on your video’s engagement, views, and quality. 

How do I get paid?

Does Kale reimburse for purchased products?

  • No, Kale pays out cash rewards that reflect the performance of each video, so the better your video performs, the more you’ll earn!

Does Kale provide affiliate links? 

  • No.

Does Kale giveaway products?

  • No. 

Does Kale work outside of the US?

  • Currently, Kale operates in the US and Canada.

Can I post on my own schedule? 

  • Yes, you can claim a challenge to post about whenever you’d like.

Can I post Stories?

  • Only Reels, Feed Posts and TikToks are eligible.

What if my challenge is for an online order that hasn’t arrived yet? 

  • Simply extend your claimed challenge until your order is delivered.

What are the requirements to use Kale?

  • Each challenge has a specific prompt, so just be sure to fulfill that prompt when you post! 

Do I need to report my cashback rewards as income?

  • Nope. Only if you exceed $600 in rewards in one year—in that case, we’ll send you a tax form.

Who can join Kale?

  • Anyone! Just make sure you already have products to post about (i.e. you’re a customer at the brand you’re posting about)

Is Kale legit?

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