Can I use this as a pre-workout?

With 200mg of caffeine and 10g of protein per serving, our fam says our ready-to-drink Super Coffees are an amazing way to boost your workout session ⚡️ Give it a try and let us know - We'd love to h…

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How many can I drink in a day?

This is determined by your personal caffeine tolerance as each bottle contains 200mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to 2 cups of coffee. Most of our super fam comfortably enjoy 1-2 bottles per day…

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Are your products diabetic-friendly?

All of our products are sweetened with Monk fruit, which derives its sweetness from a naturally formed antioxidant called mogrosides that allows the body to process it differently so you do not have…

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Are your products vegan?

We do indeed have yummy vegan and plant-based options ⚡️ Plant-Based Super Coffee - Made with pea protein 🌱 which is rich in iron and can reduce the risk of high cholesterol! Coconut Mocha Super Coff…

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Is Super Coffee a weight loss product?

While Super Coffee is not a weight-loss product, our ready-to-drink Super Coffees are only a max of 80 calories, less than 3g of net carbs, and have 10g of protein. You can also find a lower calorie…

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Is it weight watcher's friendly?

Let's gooo, we're proud of you for putting your health first! We've used an online calculator and are excited to announce our Super Coffee bottles are Weight Watcher friendly. Using our Vanilla Latte…

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Can I use my Super Coffee as a meal replacement?

Our Super Coffee contains 10g of protein per serving - we believe it works best as a breakfast treat and between or alongside meals ☕️ If you do drink it as a meal replacement, we'd love to hear how…

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Will Super Coffee break my fast?

As a general rule of thumb, your body will remain in a fasted state so long as you drink something with less than 50 calories - Our Super Coffees have around 80 calories so it may indeed break your f…

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Will drinking this stain my teeth?

We use cold brew in all of our ready-to-drink Super Coffee's which is proven to stain teeth less and is also less acidic 😁

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