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What flavors of Super Pods are there?

We currently offer our Super Pods in 4 different flavors. Vanilla Super Pods. Mocha Super Pods. Dark Roast Super Pods. Hazelnut Super Pods.

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Which brewers can I use with my pods?

Our Super Pods have been tested for compatibility with the following brewers: Mr.Coffee. iCoffee. Hamilton Beach. Keurig©: K10 MINI Plus. K15 K40/45 Elite. K50 Classic Series. K55 K60/K65 Special Edi…

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Are my pods recyclable?

Absolutely! We worked with our production team to ensure that our Super Pods not only taste great, but are also just as awesome for the environment 🌎 Check out the step-by-step process: Once the pod…

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Which vitamins are in your pods?

It's not just our Super Coffees that are full of the good stuff! 💪 We include a blend of vitamins for focus, clarity and immunity support into each Super Pod. Below is a breakdown of each vitamin: 11…

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How long until my pods expire?

Our Super Pods are nitrogen-sealed and stay good for 12 months after the printed date! We guarantee freshness and rich flavor for each brew ☕️

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I'm used to ready to drink Super Coffee, do the Super Pods taste the same?

Brewing a cup using our Super Pods is very similar to our ready-to-drink Super Coffee except not as creamy since it doesn't include any protein or cream. That said, each pod contains 200mg of caffein…

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Are the beans in your pods/grounds organic or non-GMO?

We aim to provide the highest quality of organic coffee to each and every brew ☕️ Our Super Pods and Super Grounds use organic Peruvian coffee! This means it has zero pesticides or chemicals used in…

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What flavors of Super Grounds are there?

We currently offer our Super Grounds in 4 different flavors. Vanilla Super Grounds. Mocha Super Grounds. Dark Roast Super Grounds. Hazelnut Super Grounds.

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How do I store the Super Coffee Grounds?

To keep our coffee grounds as fresh as possible, we recommend storing each bag in a cool, dry place like a pantry shelf - before and after opening ⚡️

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