How are your products sweetened?

Updated by Joel Fuster

Our products are sweetened with a proprietary blend of Monk fruit and sucralose.

Monk fruit is a superfood and naturally occurring sweetener 🌿 It derives its sweetness from a naturally formed antioxidant called mogrosides. This allows the body to process it differently so it doesn’t cause the spike in blood sugar that happens when you ingest any other form of sugar, whether it's natural or man-made 🍬

Sucralose is made from a process that begins with regular table sugar (sucrose). Three select hydroxyl groups on the sucrose molecule are replaced with three chlorine atoms.

It's important to note that our sucralose undergoes rigorous testing and is proven safe by the FDA. Contrary to recent studies on sucralose-6-acetate, this does not apply to the sucralose sweetener in our products. Additionally, the sweetness profile of sucralose enables us to sweeten our products with less than 0.05% present, facilitating easier digestion.

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