New, tastier recipe?

Updated 7 months ago by Joel Fuster

Yes, and yes! Better just got better ⚡️

We are beyond excited to present our NEW, tastier recipe for our Super Coffee products - starting with our fan-favorite bottled 12oz flavors.

What’s different about the new recipe, you might ask? Close your eyes and imagine an even smoother, sugary-tasting flavor profile. No sugar, only the good stuff 🤤

We heard you and our goal was to enhance the flavor while removing the aftertaste from the monk fruit. After extensive testing, the end result was a recipe that saw a whopping 40% improvement from customers saying how much more they enjoyed our Super Coffee when compared to the previous recipe.

And that's not all, our packaging has gotten better too! Be on the lookout for the updated packaging and subtle name updates on our Mocha Latte, Vanilla Latte, Caramel Latte, and Hazelnut Latte Super Coffees.

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Got questions? We've included our top questions below but feel free to reach out with any thoughts or questions - we're all ears 👂

What's different in the new, tastier recipe?

  • Stevia: we've crafted a proprietary blend of our existing monk fruit and stevia to create the perfect mmmm taste without any of the aftertastes 🤤
  • Salt & Minerals (sodium hexametaphosphate, dipotassium phosphate)
    • These are man-made salts used to help keep all of the natural ingredients in our recipe blended and to ensure you're always receiving a smooth, creamy and delicious sip every time!
    • This inclusion was critical as members of the fam were experiencing clumping/settling due to the natural ingredients and protein separating within the bottle before opening.

Why latte?

  • With the use of milk protein isolate (dairy), it clicked for us - we should give these flavors their birth-given rights as members of the latte family☕️

Is it still keto-friendly?

  • 100% keto-friendly

Will the old recipe ever return?

  • It’s tough to go back once you’ve had better so we won’t be producing any more of the old recipe. There may still be some out in the wild - let us know your thoughts if you find one to compare 🤗

When will your other flavors receive the new, tastier recipe?

  • Soon, very soon 😉 formula

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