Is the Hazelnut Super Creamer still available?

Is the Hazelnut Super Creamer still available?

Throughout our journey and with the launch of our plant-based Super Coffees, we've received a tremendous amount of outreach from our fam asking for additional creamers to be made with pea protein. As a small yet passionate company, we had to make tough decisions as we can only produce a certain amount of flavors throughout the year.

Drawing from customer feedback, we decided to transition our Hazelnut Super Creamer to our new Toasted Hazelnut to provide a new, delicious take on a classic 🌰 We're confident it'll become your new breakfast favorite!

That said, we don't have any more Hazelnut Super Creamer but we'd love to hear from you 😊

Updated 8 months ago by Aicel Tavares

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