There's settling in my coffee, is this ok?

Updated 7 months ago by Joel Fuster

Yes, it is 😊 What you’re seeing is called Natural Settling and can sometimes happen due to the mixture of high-quality natural ingredients within our Super Coffee and Creamers. When the protein and MCT oil mix in our recipe with the water content from the coffee/creamer, there is a chance they can clump together to cause what you’re experiencing. 

Regardless, we know this is not the experience you expect from us - our product team has been slammin’ bottles each day to announce that better just got better! Not only has our recipe improved to be even tastier than before, but it’s also crafted in a way to prevent natural settling from occurring ⚡ 

We’ve listed below which products have received the new recipe. You’ll know the bottle contains the updated recipe by our updated packaging.

If you’ve purchased any bottles or cartons with the previous recipe and have experienced any natural settling, let us know in the form below - we’d love to make this right 💛

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